19th May 2016

Venue: R 2 Greater Kailash I, New Delhi

Time: 5pm

Following were present

1. Dr K K Aggarwal (in the Chair)

2. Ms Aruna Tyagi

3. Mr.Pranay Kumar

4.  Mr Sanjeev Khanna

5.  Mr Sanjiv IT

6. Ms Priyanka

7. Ms Sapna

8. Mr. Dheeraj

9. Ms. Vandana

10. Ms. Poornima

11. Mrs. Geeta Anand

Not Present:  Ms. Naina Aggarwal, Mrs. Veena Aggarwal ,Mr. D K Gupta, Ms. Nidhi, Mr. Deepak, Mr. Adib,

Following was discussed and resolved,

1.     All work done/ Activities to be uploaded on the Google Group in the HCFI slide format by all concerned members  who are looking after a particular work .on the daily basis as gets decided in the weekly meetings

2.     One slide on each activity to be prepared by respective in charges and to be uploaded on google group. Slide format is available in the google group  and is being emailed to all. Response time for making slides is till Monday(22 May)

3.      Minutes of Meeting

 Last week’s minutes of meeting were discussed and approved.

4.     Soft Toy Donations to HCFI

Priyanka was asked to prepare a concept note & a slide showing a picture of toys being given to the beneficiary and to be posted on Google Group.

In addition she would maintain stock register of the toys received & distributed 

5.     Skill Development trgs for Self Income Generation for Girls above 10 yrs of Age

Since only one girl is available at present for undergoing training whereas  minimum requirement is 20-30 girls. Hence this programe was deferred for the time being.

4. Food Sharing

A power point slide based concept note to be prepared on the subject so that every member understand the significance of this project. Dr Kakroo  to help. The idea is that if any member eats food outside his home in a restaurant, he or she should offer free food of the same value or less to some poor person.

5. HCFI IEC Activity in weekly road side bazaars 

Photo, details of activity done and no of beneficiaries in each hcfi roadside activity to be uploaded in hcfi  google group Slide on the very next day after the activity was done on previous day. In charges of the particular day to  either do the work by themselves and/or provide details The day wise in charges are Yogesh Pant, Deepak Verma and Sanjiv  Khanna.

6. Weekly Web Casting

  1 slide about the coverage to be made which should have a link to the webcast.

7. Software Development

  1 slide to be made with photo

8. Donor Acknowledgement

1 slide to be made of the donors of the HCFI to be shared in the Google group Pranay to provide list to dr kakroo

9. Biscope

Yogesh Pant informed that the person who makes such item is out of Delhi and will be back in the last week May 2016.

10. Young Generation Involvement: 

The stories prepared by Geeta Anand to be reworked. Patient family to be contacted on phone and some questions asked to make the story telling slide more emotionally effective for the reader. Dr kakroo help to help in framing the question to be asked from the beneficiary/patient

11. Food Recipes

Ms. Geeta Anand had brought home made some food appetizers and gave information about the recipe and preparation methods. But it was decided that one slide each of a particular food recipe with its health benefits to be made which could be uploaded in the google group, HCFI website and tiltled  as HCFI Health recipe  for general public to read and use.

12. Sameer Malik Heart Care Foundation Fund Daily OPDs

Has started at E-215 HCFI East of Kailash Office premises.

13. Hand Book of Sameer Malik Heart Care Foundation Fund

Is under print

14. Development of data base on women journalists:

All members were again asked to submit their individual list of 50 people (name, mobile, email) to make a common data bank for posting HCFI activity related information to all these group members from time to time.

15. Mela 2016: The theme of this year’s mela will be One Health and focus will be on enviormental health, women health and animal health

Day wise activity was drawn and activity wise responsibilities (though as under) were entrusted to HCFI staff members.Further it was decided that all activities will be individually marketed for sponsorships. A booklet containing all the activities with tear off slips for participation response from the particular organization/school/college, will be made and sent to all the institution for participation

Based on the number of on stage activities and a time period alloted, each participating organsiation may/may not be limited to take part in some/all activities on all days

Activity wise Staff Incharges:

All staff incharges were asked to prepare their own slides,/invitation letters/ list of prospective participating organization and decide a topic etc. in consultation with Dr K k Aggarwal.

Each incharge will be working independent of each other and will take budgetary approval from Dr KK Aggarwal  in advance

·       Fashion show+ Choreography+ Baby Show = Mr. Yogesh Pant

·       Aerobics+Yoga+Dance=Ms. Vandana Rawat

·       Skit+Debate= Ms. Priyanka

·       Rock Band+Musical+Singing+Chorus=Dheeraj

·       Poster cum Slogan Making+ Painting+ Collage = Sapna

·       Model Demonstration= Tanuja

·       Mehendi + Diya + Collage = Nidhi

·       Walk = Dr U. Kakroo

·        Media planner for Mela :

Dr Aggarwal desired that the media plan prepared by adib (which was presented in the meeting by Sanjeev Khanna) need to be discussed with him separately by Adib

Meeting ended with thanks to the chair

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