5th May 2016

Venue: R 2 Greater Kailash I


Following were present:

1. Dr K K Aggarwal       (in the Chair)

2. Dr Veena Aggarwal

3. Ms Naina Aggarwal

4. Mr K Sareen

5. Ms Aruna Tyagi

6. Sh D K Gupta

7. Dr U Kakroo

8. Dr Sanchita Sharma

9.Mr.Pranay Kumar

10.Mr Ram Singh

11. Mr Sanjeev Khanna

12.Mr Deepak Verma

13. Mr Sanjiv IT

14. Mohd Adib

15. Mr Manoj Kumar

16. Ms Priyanka

17. Ms Sapna

18. Dheeraj

Leave of absence was given to Ms Geeta Anad and Mr Yogesh Pant

Following was discussed and resolved

1., Weekly Meeting : From now on,the HCFI meeting will be held on weekly basis on every thursday.

2.  Innovative Project Concepts: All the members were asked to provide innovative ideas so that outreach of the HCFI activities is increased many folds and more people are benefited.

3.Soft Toy Donations to HCFI:

Each member was asked to contribute one item preferably soft toy that must/is  lying underutilized in their homes .The objective is to collect these items and then gift to children who have been/are being treated successfully for their heart diseases under Sameer Malik Heart Care Foundation Fund.  

Activity Incharge: Ms Priyanka  to be helped by Deepak Verma as and when needed.

4. Skill Development trgs foSelf Income Generation  for Girls above 10 yrs of Age:

different short term skill develoment trng workshops will be started for girls above 10 yrs of age from June 2016.The training [programs would include soft toy making,candles making,bakery making(Cake baking ,etc.)  The whole idea is to  empower these girls to earn for themselves while studying. 

To start with 5 girls belonging to members were chosen for this trng prog.

Activity Incharge: Ms Aruna Tyagi to be assisted by Mr D K Gupta ji. They were asked to identify trng programs during this month sothat it could be started from June 1st.                      

5.Food Sharing:

Many a times one goes to attend parties or takes meal outside home.To bring in a sense of togetherness,it was decided that he/she should contribute/provide  one meal for his friend/staff /poor and needy .  

Activity Incharge: Mohd Adib   He would coordinate with other members on daily/weekly basis to collect information as to who did this service and compile a report at the end of the month.

6.Car Pooling:  

To contribute towards environment protection practice,all members who have cars/scooters would pool their cars to  carry other members to any event/meeting etc.so that one's responsibility to being a good citizen is fulfilled 

Activity Incharge: Sapna  She would coordinate with other members on daily/weekly basis to collect information as to who did this service and compile a report at the end of the month.


7.HCFI IEC Activity in weekly road side bazars 

From now on,HCFI would put up one canopy/stall/table in al predefined Weekly road side bazars and conduct CPR 10 trainings and also promote Sameer Malik Heart Care Foundation Fund activity .The objective is to train masses and also identify poor needy people with heart diseases for free treatment.

Activity Incharge: Deepak Verma He wil go to one of the weekly bazar in the South Delhi and find out formalities to be undertaken for doing this activity and then start it .He will; be helped by Ram Singh 


8. Weekly Web Casting 

From next Thursday the weekly IMA-HCFI web cast for doctors will now be opened to general public also. The timings will be 30 minutes after conclusion of Doctor specific webcast.

Activity Incharge: Sanjeev IT 

9. Software Developement: Each member will forward list of his/her  50 friends/acquaintances to HCFI group  so that a data base is developed and these members are regularly informed about HCFI activities. 

Activity Incharge: Sanjeev IT .He will develop a software and share it with all members to enable them to collect/forward the information as per the format.

10.Donor Acknowledgement:

All donors to HCFI  to be acknowledged for their donations and also to be kept regularly informed about HCFI activities.

Activity In charge: Pranay  He will compile a list of donors who are to be acknowledged .He will be helped/assisted by Manoj.

11. HCFI Policies: 

Activity Incharge: Dr Sanchita Sharma has been asked to edit whatever draft hcfi policies are emailed to her.

12. Press Advocacy:

Stories on different health issues will be pushed for publication in Print media to educate general public of prevention of diseases.

Activity Incharge: Sanjeev Khanna .He will interact with media men with issues and identify/shortlist the news papers who would be ready to take it forward for publication in thier newspaper/magazine. Only one issue will be given to  one media entity. 


13. HCFI Staff/ Member Identity Card:

Each member would  wear identity card with his/her name  and pic on it. 

Activity Incharge: ------------

14. Biscope:

A bi-scope will be purchased and hcfi related activity will be shown to children and general public in public places,particularly in weekly bazars where CPR activity will be done.

Activity Incharge: Deepak  Verma

15.Young Generation Involvement: 

Each member was asked how they can involve their children in hcfi related activities voluntarily.

Dr Kakroo offered to ask his daughter who is USA based to do story telling for samerer malik fund beneficiaries.

Activity Incharge: Geeta Anand who wil contact each beneficiary particularly children and get the desired information.The information to be sought will be decided in consultation with Dr KK Aggarwal

17 Food Recipes: Nidhi to teach some food recipes to other female members that will be decided by her with these female memebrs 

18.One to one meeting with Dr KK Aggarwal

Dr Aggarwal infomed that whosoever wishes to have one to one meeting with him needs to fix time anbd day with him and the meeting will be held during the walk.

Meeting ended with thanks to the chair.

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