India Legal

Medical Devices: Tighter Control

A Village to Call My Own

Medical Guidelines Vs Regulation: Cracking Down

Livestock Feed: Antibiotics on your plate

Bonds for PG Seats: Arm-twisting Doctors

Fraudulent Practise

Violence Against Doctors: Lethal Blow

Cannabis: Pot Luck

Cyber Attacks: Lives at Risk

IMC (Amendment) Bill, 2019: Lure of the Lucre

Biomedical Waste: Handle With Care

Doctor’s Dilemma

Medical Insurance: Act in Good Faith

Starting At The Top

Prefixing “Dr”: Taking the Shine Away

Autopsies: Respect Cadavers Too

Drug Formulations: Banking on Brands

Assistant Ambulance Officers: Save a Life First

Hips Don’t Lie

Sex Determination Tests: Foeticide Next To Genocide

Eyeing Profits

Life And Death Matter

Give Them a Chance

The Right Prescription?

Doctor’s Prescription To Buy Dettol, Savlon???

Human Embryos: Fertile Smuggling

Government Doctors’ Exodus: Ill-gotten Gains

Generic Drugs: Colour My World

A Salve for Wounds

ICMR-Pfizer Collaboration: A Conflict of Interest?

Medical Negligence: A Cross to Bear

Sections 269 & 270, IPC: A Case of Paranoia?

DNA: Gold Standard in Probes

Do Diagnostics Qualify as Drugs?

Online Pharmacies: Caught in a Dangerous Web

One India-One Health Policy?

Organ Donation: Rewarding a Noble Act

Ayushman Bharat Scheme: Live and Let Live

Doctors’ Scrawl: Handwriting on the Wall

How safe are E-Cigarettes?

Fixed-Dose Combination Drugs: A Festering Wound

Modicare: A Pill for India’s Ills?

Prescription Sans Diagnosis: A Case of Culpable Neglect

Oxytocin: Waking up to the “Cuddle Hormone”

Drugs and Cosmetics Act: Are Stem Cells a Drug?

A Poor Substitute for MCI

An Illegal Act

India Legal show: Govt hospitals suffer from administrative negligence, not medical negligence, say panellists

Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation: Easing Death













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